To Overton Public School!

Overton Public School, nestled in the scenic Platte River Valley, in South-Central Nebraska, supports a thriving scholastic experience. Within a town of 665 people, a school dedicated to educating our students for the future, flourishes. Approximately 300 students call this school their home for nine months of the year. With our many academic activites, from Quiz Bowl to Student Council, and our record-setting Athletic programs, such as Football, Wrestling, Track, Basketball, Golf, and Volleyball, students have variety of things to do all year long. Every student has a unique opportunity to better themselves with our challenging academic curriculum. As any of our faculty will attest, we are dedicated to our academic experience.

Mission Statement

Overton Public School shall accept all students as they are, provide students with a stimulating environment, and provide opportunities for learning experiences which have been designed to promote behavior patterns that will permit continuing satisfactory adjustments to life.

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